Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What does Modite mean? Only Rebecca Thorman knows. is one website that is doing a great job of building incredible buzz before its release, in part because of weekly contests for awesome prizes. But the reason I love it is because of the witty musings of one of the authors, Rebecca Thorman (aka @modite on Twitter). She is clever, stylish, talented, and not afraid to be different. Head over to her personal blog and read her post on " 'Don't Burn Bridges' is Bad Career Advice" and you'll see what I mean. She is one of only five people I both follow on Twitter and whose blog I subscribe to. The design of her site is clean and fresh... (I have to say it).. but that is what you can expect from someone who sells toilet paper. (No eye rolls, please.)

What I like most about Rebecca Thorman is that she comes across as just being herself. She isn't here to promote anyone. She does social media right. I get a sense that the concept of her blog is still evolving and the best is yet to come once she gets it figured out. For example, I may get lost finding something I read last week. (Which side of her blog is it on?) The content can hardly be improved upon, though, and she does a great job of providing links to everything in her twitter stream. I hope you find a new social friend in Rebecca Thorman.

Don't forget to check out as well. The website is currently in private beta testing, but the idea sounds like something this super busy mom can appreciate.

(By the way, this blog was recently purchased by the parentheses symbols).

Update: Rebecca isn't the only one who knows what modite means after all! She surrepticiously gives the definition away on one of her pages. See if you can find it.

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