Monday, December 29, 2008

The book did not disappoint!

I will not give away Robert Egger's words of wisdom for two reasons. #1 - I have no doubt the proceeds from his book will be put to great use and #2, you can get most of them for free at his website. I encourage you to check out his site, and then order the book.

Begging for Change: The Dollars and Sense of Making Nonprofits Responsive, Efficient, and Rewarding for All

Brilliant, fascinating read, and the man is pretty awesome, too!

My newest fascinating friend, however, is a woman by the name of Wendy Martin. MG Onliners might know her as "Wendy Usually Wanders" because this is the name of her blog. It is only a year old and has already seen over 717,000 hits. She has MG, in addition to a number of other ailments, but has lived an amazing life despite her illnesses. I just received a copy of an interview with her that I will be adding to the AL chapter's MGFA newsletter sometime this week. She is a member of the LDS church and a travel fanatic! Give her a reason and she might just come for a visit. If she does, she will certainly have her lovable Zeke with her. What an amazing service dog! Zeke (via Wendy) has inspired me to research service dogs for companionship of MG patients. I think having this extra "help" is simply a bonus to the love and companionship having such a relationship offers. Her website can be found here.

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