Friday, November 21, 2008

Robert Egger and "Begging for Change"

Over the past two weeks, I have been reading Robert Egger's book, "Begging for Change", and, _drum roll_ I have an announcement to make. He is officially within my top faves list. He is the founder of the D.C. Central Kitchen, which in the most basic respect, is a soup kitchen in Washington, D.C. They feed the homeless. What they also do, though, is take the homeless off the streets to teach them food service skills, get them certified, and additionally, put them to work right there in the kitchen. And Egger's organization doesn't stop there. They further teach life skills and partner with other organizations for drug recovery. To top it all off, they have an amazing success rate! In fact, he is so successful that Robert Egger received Oprah Winfrey's "Use your Life Award".

As if that wasn't enough, the best reason to adore Robert Egger is his refreshing ideas on how non-profit organizations should be managed. He has careful insight to non-profit operations and he understands WHY we just aren't meeting our potential. I am still reading this book. I hope he will reveal to me soon HOW to make them work. His ideas, so far, are right on target.

He recently came to Birmingham and has a video clip on his website about his trip. It's kind of cool seeing him in front of Vulcan.

If you are in any way affiliated with a non-profit organization, you should take the time to read his book.

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